Our sporting events are usually organized quarterly and come with some requirements to partake in it. We found out from years of experience that having driving skills is good, but always not enough to participate in a sporting event as competitive as ours. In light of that, our sporting events are opened only to those who have registered as members of our association.

The question becomes how do you become a member? Well, this is super easy. Membership is strictly based on registration to be a part of the process. You would need to fill a couple of forms in which we try to ascertain your qualification level. By qualification we mean how well grounded you are to partake in our sporting events.

The process is very competitive; hence we often settle for the best of the best. Usually, people who can prove to us that they are not just good with the wheels, but wizards at it. This is especially important to us because racing competitions could be excessive risky, and the last thing we want is sending rookies out to there to compete.

When we sort out the membership requests received in form of registration from applicants, we are able to classify applicants into different categories. Normally, every new entrant no matter how skilled will have a time of probation before they qualify to participate at contests. While it may take a shorter time for exceptionally skilled drivers to be a part of contests, it may take way more time for rookies, as they need to be trained to fit in.

The sporting event in itself is often fun to watch, as gamers try to prove to themselves that they are champions of the sports car racing. The winner goes back home with a prestigious award, which open doors for other bigger opportunities.

If you haven’t considered being a part of us by picking our membership form, we strongly urge that you do. The amazing benefits that being a member accords you aside your being a guru in driving racing cars are things you don’t want to miss out of.

Joining us by being a member of our association is akin to becoming a part of a family, and what families do is that they have the backs of one another. So you can be sure we’ll have your back when you sign up to join us. We eagerly wait for you to be a part of the change we try to create with what we do.